My Upgrade to the HTC Evo

Until today, I envied all the HTC Evo owners.

Not only is it the first 4G phone, but its fast, looks cool, and to top it off, it’s not an iPhone.

And today, I have become a happy Evo owner.

This morning, after going through two Sprint CSR’s, I was finally transferred to someone who luckily spoke English and was able to help me switch my plan from the Sero 500 to the Sero Premium.

The Sero Premium plan is pretty awesome and including the 4G add-on, is only $50/month. By changing my plan, I became eligible to upgrade to the Evo.

As soon as the plan switch was completed, I drove (at a sometimes high rate of speed) to Victoria Gardens’ Sprint store where my friend works to purchase the Evo. After deducting my upgrade credit and applying the mail-in rebate, my total cost was just over $200.

Now I sit contented in my living room with the Evo guide in one hand and the TV remote in the other, juggling my attention between the USC football game and my newest toy – the awesome Evo.


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