Becoming An Uncle

The baby who made me an uncle.

I have finally attained uncle status and it is an amazing feeling.

First off, I really love kids.

They are so inquisitive, candid, and their perspective is so simple.

My best friend has a 5 year-old daughter who asked me to be her brother when she was around 3 years old. That is one moment I’ll never forget.

I was at my friend’s house reading her a book, when she whispered to me, “will you be my brother?” Of course I accepted and since then I was her “big brother”.

All her friends had to know that I was her brother, and on outings and trips, I became her protector and when something frightened her, she ran to me. Whenever she saw me, she always came to chat with me about her day and the interesting things that had happened. If she was drawing a picture, she would hand me a crayon so that I could help her.

I felt honored by that, and there was nothing that I wouldn’t have done for her. Had anyone so much as rained on her world, I would have coldly exacted revenge on her behalf. There is something so adorable, when a little child just loves you. It makes the world a wonderful place.

And now, I have a nephew.

When my sister first called me to let me know that I was going to be an uncle, it kind of scared me because I realized that I was getting old (er).

But when she called me yesterday to break the news that my nephew was born, I was thrilled. It made my day complete. As we spoke on the phone, the baby began to cry in the background. So my sister wryly remarked that the baby was crying because he didn’t like his new uncle.

That stung my pride, so I offered to calm the baby. She accepted my challenge and put me on speakerphone. I told him that it was his favorite uncle and that there was no need to cry. It must have been my lucky day, because the baby just quieted down and listened to me.

That was awesome – proving my sister wrong and calming the baby.

Although, my nephew is over 2,000 miles away and we will be worlds apart due to my views on religion, my nephew will have an uncle who will do his best to help him succeed in life. I love being an uncle.


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