How Am I Driving?

Who doesn’t experience some negative emotion during their driving experience?

In other words, who gets pissed at other drivers?

Well I do.

It seems that every time I drive, I see someone doing something stupid.

I’ve often been on the receiving end of the extended middle finger of some enraged driver who didn’t like my driving style, but I could care less, because I’m usually not the one driving like a maniac.

My pet peeves are “entitled” motorcyclists and drivers who don’t check their blind spots.

Motorcyclists have the highest injury ratio in the event of a crash, so you would think they’d keep that in mind  while driving.

But no, they zip between you and the car beside you and leave you wondering if they have any sanity. Sometimes the only warning a motorcyclist gives is the high-pitched rev of his engine as he streaks by.

I know that motorcyclists generally have the right away so I try to slide over to give them extra room between me and the next car and if the motorcyclist is a decent guy I get a thumbs up for my efforts.

Drivers who don’t check their blind spots simply piss me off.

I sometimes wish I could just spin them out and merrily continue on my way. But since I not the type of person who goes out of his way to intentionally injure people, I try to avoid such drastic measures. Seriously though, if people checked their blind spot before cutting me off, it’d save me the trouble of having to leave squiggly black marks on the freeway.

Take yesterday for example.

Two different drivers cut me off within 5 minutes of each other. The first guy was in the right lane of the 91 E on-ramp with me beside him when he suddenly decided he was heading onto the wrong freeway and just dove back onto the 60 W. He nearly took my front end of my car with him.

I had barely had time to cool off before reaching the next idiot. As I was exiting on 14th street, the car beside me decided he wanted to get off as well in the same space occupied by me. Since we were only going about 35 mph, I just held my ground and my horn.

He got the point and backed off.

I’m not sure how I would handle the emotional toll of causing bodily injury or even death to another human being by my careless driving and I don’t want to find out.


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