Why I Love My Job

Current state of my desk

Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself why I love my job.

At times, the stress of managing five or six different construction projects worth a combined $20M at least, seems to overwhelm me.

The phone lines are incessantly blinking – each one a different problem, cell phone is vibrating with calls from my foremen, emails are just multiplying in my inbox, the accounts payable girl needs me to approve a mountainous stack of invoices, and my boss wants me to help him fix his construction schedule for my coworker’s project.

On those days, I’m tempted to wish that I had a simple job, like mowing grass or delivering mail where no one depends on me to solve their problems, avoid huge losses of money, stop contract delays, or ensure the reputation of the company remains highly professional.

I realize that my company trusts me a lot to give that much responsibility to a 20 year-old guy and that realization sometimes scares me but it ends up driving me to succeed.  Although I was promoted to this position a couple of years ago, I still get a curve ball almost every day that forces me to think outside the box and lets me learn something new.

I grew up with a dad who always complained about his job and I hated that.

Work always seemed to stress him and he’d come home with his stress, complaining to my mom about his boss, his coworkers, or what they made him do that day. He expected my mom to understand why he was out-of-sorts and stressed with the whole family; and for us children that behavior quickly became old.

The weird thing was that he had a decent job. He wasn’t cleaning porter-potties or doing extreme manual labor for minimum wage; instead he was working for the City of LA as a landscaper at the Ontario International Airport – a union job with awesome benefits and good pay.

So when my job threatens to drive me crazy, and the stress level is extremely high, I remind myself that I could be unemployed or dragging out an existence in some job that I hate.

On top of that, I don’t see the point or benefit of making someone else have a bad day just because I did.

To be completely honest, my job is awesome.

Not very many people have the privilege to work in an office environment where your coworkers are great people, your boss is tough but fair, there’s a fully-stocked kitchen right around the corner, 2-weeks of paid vacation, and you get to do a job that you enjoy.

The other morning it was 46outside, but I was inside our warm spacious offices, sitting in my leather “executive” chair, drinking hot chocolate, listening to my favorite music station, while reading an email.

My boss walked up to me and commented on my amenities, and my simple response was, “what can I say, my job is awesome” and he laughingly agreed as he headed to the kitchen for his own coffee and breakfast snack.

But I will admit that right now, I can hardly wait for the Thanksgiving weekend to start.

It will be so nice to just drive out to my grandparents’ home in AZ and spend a few days relaxing and forgetting about the madness and chaos at work as I try to close out projects before the end of the year and figure out how well my projects stayed on budget.

Believe me, I really need to take my two weeks’ vacation for this year…(no idea where I’ll go, but I’m going)…to refresh and come back ready to do an even better job than I’ve done so far.


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