Rainy Days

Right now, this southern California weather is simply amazing and relaxing.

The sky is dark, rain is falling, and I am enjoying it.

I’ve always loved rainy days and although I don’t exactly know why, they just feel right.

For me there is something rather unique and intriguing to watch from my apartment as drops of water fall from the clouds and splash onto the ground, to hear the pitter-patter of the raindrops as they implode on the windshield of my car while I speed through the gray mist, or to feel the cool sprinkles on my face as I splash along the puddled walks.

To me rain is so relaxing because it seems to calm and quiet the world. Birds aren’t chirping, dogs aren’t barking, cats aren’t screaming, and people generally retreat indoors leaving the world pretty silent.

It’s kind of hard for me to understand why people automatically associate rainy days with bad days.

Rain cleans the smog out of the air, creates puddles to splash in or drive through, and paints those breathtaking rainbows in the sky.

I suppose normal people have to be outside doing things to keep from going crazy, but since I’m “abnormal”, I tend to be easily and simply entertained and it doesn’t bother me when rain forces me indoors.

During my childhood years, most rainy days meant a morning trip to my favorite musty bookstore with my dad to find some interesting books followed by several hours of bike riding with my brothers. The rain made biking so much more enjoyable for us boys because the skids were so much longer with the ground wet and slick and we could have a blast spinning the back tire as we tried to climb the muddy terrain.

After becoming thoroughly soaked, cold, and muddy, we’d come inside to a hot shower and dry clothes. My mom made sure that she had a hot soup waiting for us and after lunch, we’d sit by the window with our new books and read the afternoon away.

Even as I have gotten older, I never lost my appreciation for the rainy weather because for some odd reason rainy weather seems to slow the tempo of my life and provides a relaxing environment.


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