The Crazy Month

So it seems that I have finally reached my first blogging lull this past month and a half.

It was interesting to me to watch friends’ blogs suddenly trickle and then stop all together, but I doubted that the same fate would so soon make an attempt on my blog.

Of course I have a very legitimate excuse.

The past 6 weeks have been absolutely crazy.

“Crazy” as in chaotic, without order or sense of normalcy.

Work has exploded into MOUNTAINS of work, with new projects popping up left and right with so many details, each single one requiring my total attention. My multi-tasking limits have been stretched repeatedly resulting in personal “Guinness Records”, which by the way is a very unpleasant process. I am learning quickly just how much patience can be required in a single day, and I have been forced to begin rationing it out.

College classes begin as soon as I leave work until 10pm at night, followed by the drive home to burn the midnight and early morning oil over homework. My current math class is the epitome antonym for “fun”. Ssshhh! I know school is not supposed to always be fun, but it definitely is not meant to turn the love of learning into a great dislike for teachers.

My current math instructor has mastered the fine art of making learning a burden and turning the inquisitive mind into a dull pencil. The entire class has dwindled from 40 to about 15, yes – some dropped because of the teacher, others because they were failing, but several were kicked out over the pettiest infractions of the teacher’s pet peeves.

Ask too many questions, and you are singled out for the microscopic evaluation, stay too incognito and you get called out for not wanting to learn.

Class for me started with a B, suddenly dropped to failing, returned to a -B, then retreated to a C. I’ve never had lower than a B my entire scholarly career, so I am happy to blame this fluke on my teacher. How a math teacher cannot figure out the grades is beyond my current mathematical expertise, but I’m certain grades weren’t meant to fluctuate 10 points within 10 minutes.

Sleep has become a commodity worth gold to me.

But as my luck would have it, my cat-naps after finishing homework are interrupted by my job. As soon as  I close my eyes, my brain taunts me by remembering important calls I need to make, materials that need to be ordered, or certain deadlines that must be met the next day. I cannot fall asleep until I  roll over, grab my phone, and set reminders for myself. Really annoying.

The craziness at work and school has merely taught me how precious my weekends are.

Saturday and Sunday mornings used to mean sleeping in, but as these are the only two days I have where I can forget about work and school, I have no intention of wasting them by trying to catch up on sleep.

As I finish up this blog post, I have plans to go out with friends tonight and enjoy Saturday night – hit up Riverside in style.

I must admit that lately my weekends have been pretty awesome, so looking at the “big” picture, life is going good.


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