Memories from Each Year of My Life

I can’t say that I have a great reason for posting this, but I had to write this “self-concept” list for my Interpersonal Communications class so I figured I’d post it here as well.

I know – sleepy logic.

But, my “logic” aside, below is a bulletin list of every year of my life so far with the most memorable event listed for that specific year as well.

  • 1989: I suppose the most important event for this year was the simple fact that I was born. On a side-note, I was a 10 lb. baby, born at home before the mid-wife arrived.
  • 1990: My dad bought me a grey Craftsman toolbox and a wrench set for my 1st birthday, which firmly engrained into me my “boy” status.
  • 1991: Sarah, my older sister by 11 months, used to enjoy pushing me around in her pink doll stroller. I strongly objected with alligator tears and very cute temper tantrums. During this year, I also traveled to the Cayman Islands with my parents for a church meeting.
  • 1992: Because I wanted a younger brother so badly, my mom, in her ignorance, bought me a boy doll whom I christened “Brother”. (I was 3 years old, so cut me a little slack.)
  • 1993: Although I was only four years old, I loved helping my dad mow the lawn by pushing the mower with him from the secondary bar. Following his example, I would don an orange handkerchief, earmuffs, and safety glasses.
  • 1994: For my 5th birthday, my dad bought me a Zebra 101 fishing pole complete with a bright yellow sinker. I still have that fishing pole tucked away in my closet.
  • 1995: My gift arrived early for my 6th birthday in the form of a squealing baby brother. I think I can honestly say that I was the happiest boy on earth when my dad gave me the amazing news.
  • 1996: Maggie, our German shepherd dog, loved me to death. Every time that I went outside to play with her, she would tussle with me and then proceed to excessively lick my ears.
  • 1997: My main friend, Adam, was older than me by at least 7 years, but we got along great. He taught me about toy cars, dirt forts, cat-chasing, spit-wads, and most importantly of all, how to explain my way out of trouble.
  • 1998: At our private church academy, we often held competitions in jumping-rope, and this year I set the record at 690 continuous jumps – a feat which earned me a 12 oz. A&W Root Beer.
  • 1999: For my 10th birthday, my dad upgraded my fishing gear to a Zebra 202 fishing pole. With this pole, I caught my first fish – to be truthful it more resembled a minnow, but I was a proud “angler”.
  • 2000: The year of Y2K. I remember all the hype surrounding the arrival of the New Year, and I had friends whose parents stocked up with canned food and bottled water. On New Year’s Eve, I laid on the floor and watched the minutes tick away. I was unsure of what would happen, and I almost wished some phenomena would occur. Of course, the year turned with little more fanfare than clanging pots, gunshots, and fireworks.
  • 2001: This year I won the award for having the neatest penmanship in the whole school. Because of this, the principal delegated me to write the church’s thank-you letter to Ford for a new van that had been purchased.
  • 2002: In the religion where I was raised, the 13th birthday was a major event in our lives as it marked the transition from childhood into the teenage world. A surprise birthday was thrown for me at the pastor’s house which the entire congregation attended with the main gift being a Thompson-Chain KJV Bible from my parents.
  • 2003: I began building my own little landscaping business at the age of 14. My first customer was a church nearby our home where I earned $50 a week to cut the lawn.
  • 2004: In order to give me a chance to visit other countries, my pastor sent me to Ontario Canada to spend several months with friends. It was an experience that I’ll never forget. Not once was I homesick, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my stay.
  • 2005: This year marked the stage of a deteriorating relationship with my dad. We simply coexisted.
  • 2006: This was a great year for me, although perhaps a nightmare for insurance companies, as I received my driver’s license and learned to drive in a 15-passenger van. Yep, that was no typo. I have made 15-passenger vans do things they ought not to do. No further explanation necessary.
  • 2007: Perhaps the most important year of my life for two reasons. The first reason was that I was hired to work as Assistant Documents Manager for Pacific Hydrotech Corporation, a general-engineering contractor specializing in the water industry. The second and perhaps the more impactful occurrence of this year, was my waning interest in God and religion.
  • 2008: Once again, this year was amazing for two reasons. The first reason was my high school graduation. I was the lone 2008 graduate of my school and of course took the valedictorian honors and all. The second awesome occurrence was my promotion at Pacific Hydrotech Corporation, where I moved up into the Project Coordinator position.
  • 2009: A year that is yet undetermined as to its consequence. In this year, I either damned my life or escaped an unhappy existence. On the “bright” side, I had my first drink and dance this year as well – courtesy of a wonderful friend.
  • 2010: With the leasing of my own apartment and purchase of a new car, I became completely independent. I also began college in the fall semester where I am pursuing a civil engineering degree.
  • 2011: To-date, the most important thing in my life this year was the marriage of my sister to one of my old church friends. I was invited to the wedding and it was awesome and a little awkward to see my parents, eight siblings, and old friends.

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