Today Wasn’t Exactly Pleasant

I don’t think I’ve had a day where so much stress was involved.

My alarm went off at 6:20am and promptly received a hit on the “snooze” button. But ten minutes later, the alarm bell annoying chimed again. This time I got up because I had a job-site meeting to attend at 8:30am that included an hour long drive. After showering and dressing, I started off “ready” to tackle the day. 

My job-site meeting couldn’t have gone better, of course little issues popped us during discussions with the engineers, water district, and inspectors, but I had a good handle on the situation and pretty much made everybody happy. After chatting with my crew for a few minutes, I spoke to the project manager of another contractor working with us. We discussed the current project and the conversation ended with him telling me that his company was hiring….

Around 11am, I arrived back at our company’s offices and headed to my workstation, ready to oil the gears of my well-organized projects. That’s when everything went into a free-fall. Voice-mails and emails were waiting for me, none with good news. The minute I picked up my phone to attempt to find a solution to problem #1, the calls began rolling in on the other lines and my cell-phone. 

My boss called and directed me to call the project manager (who had just offered me a job) with news that would infuriate him. So I did. I thought I did a decent job of relaying the unwanted news, but apparently not because after hearing me out and realizing I wasn’t going to budge my position, the line clicked dead. So there went all of that. 

Then FedEx called me to tell me that an important delivery couldn’t be made and additional fees had to be paid prior to them rescheduling delivery. So I called my supplier who of course was on vacation as was his assistant. The crane I had attempted to schedule for a lift was now booked out for the next two weeks. 

Another foreman wanted materials delivered tomorrow morning that had at least a three day lead-time.

The pressure was now definitely felt by me, but it was nothing extraordinary. Well that didn’t last long. I couldn’t get a single thing done. The minute I attempted to solve on problem for one project, the phone would ring with new news and direction from my boss on a separate project, or my foremen would call me because something hadn’t been delivered as promised, or the engineer wanted to know when the change order would be done. 

On top of that, some of my coworkers needed some questions answered by me for their projects, and now I felt extremely pressured. When the next call with bad news rolled in, I muttered an expletive under my breath much to the amusement of one of my friends since I rarely curse. 

Then my boss walked in, all chirpy and happy. It was almost annoying until I stopped to realize that my boss had more problems than me and if he could manage to keep upbeat, well than I could too. As if on cue, the calls came in less frequently, and I was able to get most of the critical items addressed. If nothing else, I think that I learned that cursing does slightly relieve stress. 

I refuse to become a swearing-sailor, but in minimal usage, it has its benefits. A horrible lesson and probably incorrect, but that is what I took from today.


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