A Weekend in Laughlin

Laughlin was fun

I spent this last weekend in Laughlin, NV with some friends and had an amazing time.

Never before I had been to a casino, so my first visit to the Aquarius Casino Resort was quite impressive.

The main point of the trip to Laughlin was to do the River Regatta, and although that was quite enjoyable, other events ranked high as well.

The drive was long, but since I enjoy road trips at night and I had a carload of friends it was quite entertaining to say the least.

My trunk was stuffed full with shorts, sandals, floats, life vests, and drinks in a cooler. The 5hr drive was uneventful and we arrived around 10 pm. As soon as the car was parked, we hurriedly unpacked the cars and scurried into the air conditioned elevators to escape the 100° heat.

At the casino entrance, I saw the suited valets and walked through the huge revolving doors, it almost felt like I was watching a movie. Then I saw the “casino” – rows, and rows, and rows of slot machines, black jack tables, glitzy bars, and crowds of people milling around and I was impressed.

After checking into our rooms, we headed to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. After eating and finishing drinks, we headed back out to the to the casino where my friends attempted to defy logic and win on the slot machines. I smirked at their excited attempts and of course laughed when they lost. I had never gambled and didn’t see the point of giving my money to a machine with a slim chance of winning pennies on the dollar.

The next morning we woke up to an overcast sky with rain coming down.

It was the day of the river float but somehow that made the float a bit more exciting. We sort of haphazardly planned the logistics of the float but spontaneity is key in having fun. Fortunately for me, the Coast Guard made it a requirement to wear a life vest at all times, so I had no worries of drowning.

The most annoying part of the float was when I lost my sandals. We had pushed out floats off slightly upstream of a small cove but the current dragged us toward the island, so we had to jump out and steer the floats toward the middle of the river. Not bad, we pulled that off alright, but when I climbed back onto the float the current took both sandals greatly pissing me off. Had I realized the tortures that waited ahead for my feet and I would have jumped overboard to save my sandals mindless of my lacking swimming skills.

After finishing the float and returning to the casino, we laid out poolside and then ended up getting in the pool because it was so hot. The pool was quite fun and my friends tried to get me to learn how to swim with one of the girls reminding she was CPR certified.

But no, I chickened out, simply content to sit with my feet in the water sipping a drink.

For dinner, we ate at Chiles while watching the preseason football game. After dinner we hung out at the casino and here we began to have a blast. Somehow we made a couple new friends. I tried the slot machines for the first time that night and my new friend brought me luck because each time she played slot machines with me, we would double our money. I have no logical explanation for how that happened. As soon as we doubled our money, we would cash out then go play again on the profits. So that was quite exciting.

Sunday morning after going to bed at 5am, we checked out and headed back to lovely California.

It was definitely a weekend to be remembered.


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