The Pot of Gold

I’ve sort of been enchanted with Chris Brown’s new song, Pot of Gold. The first few lines have made me think which is quite rare for rap music:

“All this bright light is not for me (No it ain’t)
I close my eyes and imagine I’m home!
I miss the days when life was simple,
But if I never try to follow that rainbow
In search for the pot of gold!”

 I can sort of relate. I do miss the days when life was simple.

When I knew what to do, knew what not to do, knew pretty much how my life would play out, knew all my friends quite well, and knew how to avoid trouble.

Now I’m constantly adapting to new situations, playing new experiences “by ear”, calculating each step forward because the road is dimly lit, and all the while having an amazing time and avoiding blindsides.

The part that really makes me think is what is my “rainbow” and what will be my “pot of gold”?

My competitive streak has always pushed me to succeed and I think that I know what I want out of my life, my job, and my education. Aspirations to be successful and wealthy, have been in my mental processes since I was a little boy.

Since I grew up in a poor family, I vowed to myself that I would make my life different and better. I often dreamed of becoming a millionaire who lived in a nice house and drove nice cars. This often got me in trouble growing up so I learned to simply internalize my dreams. My previous lifestyle did not appreciate my strong drive for material and financial gain, so only after I left have I been able to begin my push and drive for the top.

My pot of gold doesn’t have to be that big.

There are four things things that I want to have in my pot of gold. Happiness, a functional family, a nice home to live in, and my boss’s job, ranked from most important to least important.

This all coming from a 21 year-old, so cut me a little slack. Now I just have to figure out how to follow which rainbow.

It can’t be that hard…


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