Shut Up and Say Something

Too many times when mingling the general population of planet Earth, the thought that comes to my mind is “shut up, just shut up”.

Those exact words came from my listening to the Black Eyed Peas, and it is so appropriate.

Most people have nothing to say.

Oh yeah, they talk, ramble, and spew words, but they aren’t saying anything.

People seem almost scared to participate in an actual intelligent conversation.

Perhaps most have a good reason to avoid serious dialogue – since it would immediately reveal their lack of simple intelligence and basic knowledge.

I’m not talkative – unless I’m tipsy in which case I am sarcastic, slightly humorous, and honestly, quite engaging.

So the fact being that I am rarely tipsy, I try not to be gregarious.

I have a hard time appreciating people who simply “make conversation” out of nothing and go on and on digressing from “point to point” while I sit there bored with my mind millions of miles away.

I must admit that I’ve met a couple humans with a talking addiction who are actually interesting, but since these humans are so far and few between, overall I simply avoid the whole lot.

Alright, so I have considered the realistic options that I simply may not be a good listener or have ADD, but of course after careful consideration, I have determined that the problem does not lie with me… this case.

I admire people who don’t have to talk.

There is no need to boast or BS – they can simply sit there with you and be quiet.

It’s not awkward or uncomfortable, just quiet.

Then when you talk with those kind of people, 99% of the time, they have something intelligent or thought-provoking to say. You leave the conversation with new knowledge, ideas, perspectives, and perhaps best of all, you actually used your brain while talking.

Granted, there are those rare occasions where I must engage in this nonsensical bantering but it is generally with an ulterior motive or goal in mind.

For example, when I’m meeting someone for the first time who I want to be friends with, or on when I am playing entertainer.

Both are great excuses to practice my conversational skills, but if I can’t enjoy silence, then I’d much rather hold a real conversation with an intelligent person.


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