Why Am I Watching Hockey?

It’s 12:00 am, and for an inexplicable reason, I am glued to my TV screen.

Right now I’m watching a replay of the Anaheim Ducks v. San Jose Sharks game.

I am eerily enchanted by the huge men skating so daintily on the ice chasing a black puck around.

The biggest problem for me right now is that I don’t know which team to support. One of my friends is an ardent Ducks fan while another friend is a staunch Sharks fan. Oh well, weirdly, I’m still having fun.

Apparently, I’ve just witnessed history, because Maxime Macenauer of the Ducks just made his first NHL goal, so cheers to him.

Anyways, hockey games generally bore me due to the low number of goals actually made in a game. It seems that you simply sit on the edge of your chair hoping, waiting, and “praying” for a goal, and yet these games are often decided by a score of 1-0. Maybe that adrenaline charged waiting is what appeals to hockey fans.

Right now the game is so lop-sided.

The current score is 1-0 in the Ducks favor and after that goal, the Ducks have been recharged by the Energizer Bunny. The Ducks are playing some great hockey.

It’s as if the entire Ducks team is pitted against the Sharks goalie – the lone hero. Time and time again, he is turning back the attacks, sending the Ducks back empty-handed when it seems that multiple goals are inevitable.

Sometimes, the hockey games turns to an octagon of ice as players actually fight during the game – quite often.The goal-line stands is pretty much where every fight starts.

Some player makes a late hit, grabs an opposing player, or uses his stick as a 5th appendage, all of which seem to be fury inciting actions. To be honest, hockey is interesting because it is brutally physical.  There are those painful-looking body slams against the glass made at full speed by players and I honestly do not understand how a slam like that doesn’t break every rib in your body.

But back to the point.

I have no idea why I’m watching hockey.

Maybe it’s the 2 cups of Colombian coffee I just drank to test my new coffee maker.

Maybe it’s because there are no NBA games to watch.

Maybe it’s the only interesting thing on TV right now.

I don’t know. I’ve never been a hockey fan, but it is definitely more entertaining than watching a soccer game – no offense intended. On the bright side, next time I see either of my hockey fan friends, I will have something to chat with her about.

I guess I should also pick a team if I plan to continue watching hockey. The excuse of “I’m not that into hockey” only works for so long, and eventually you are forced to take sides. The Anaheim Ducks are more local, but I like to buck the locale trends. The San Jose Sharks are the underdog in the game right now so they have my empathy.

This is definitely a decision worth sleeping over.


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