El Rodeo – a Spanish Club

Last Saturday evening, I went with some friends to a El Rodeo which is a Spanish club.

I had no idea what I was getting into.

I do not listen to that type of music.

I can’t speak Spanish.

But oh well, my friend invited me and I wasn’t going to disappoint her.

After being carded and frisked, we proceeded down a flight of stairs into a huge room. All around the perimeter of the room were tables and chairs.

At the front of the room was a platform for the bands and performers, and directly in front of the platform was a cleared area for what would soon become a mosh pit of frenzied dancers.

We had a table reserved and after getting settled in, I attempted to pick out the few Spanish words I knew from the green-suited, blue-jeaned, trumpet-blowing, Mexican singers on stage.  Apparently, these guys were quite the hit, because it didn’t take long for the dance floor to become packed with dancers.

For most of the evening, I managed to avoid getting taken out to the dance floor.

I had no clue how to perform the complicated Spanish dance style, but my friend was persistent. She pulled me out to the dance floor where her and several of her girlfriends were dancing. Being the only guy out there with them, of course they formed a circle and pulled me into the middle so I could “show them my dance moves”.

Right – so let’s fast forward.

My lucky stars must have aligned, because right when I was becoming frustrated with the exquisite foot movements required by the Spanish music, hip-hop in English started playing.

It was an amazing relief. Two of my friends in their stiletto heels began shuffling to the “Party Rock Anthem”, to my humor and amazement.

And then we danced.

After that, my friends told me that I danced well, but I will credit that statement to the drinks they had.

After leaving the club, my friend wanted me to try King Taco, a taco shop she loved, so off we went to a King Taco in some ghetto area. The reason I knew it was ghetto was because the one little taco shop had four “rent-a-cops” packing loaded guns.

Whatever the appearance of King Taco, the food was delicious.

In retrospect, that music is still not my style, but I would go to that club again with my friends just because we had so much fun.

There is nothing better than experiencing new things with great friends.


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