Cup of Noodles

Not too long ago, I came back to my apartment and ran up my stairs to the amazing smell of my neighbor cooking.

It was late and of course as a guy who lives on his own, my refrigerator isn’t stuffed with normal food.

I was hungry and had homework to do; so I pulled a cup of noodles from my cabinet, poured some boiling water into it and sat down to enjoy my meal.

It was weird eating a cup of noodles while the aroma of my neighbors cooking permeated my apartment. The aroma didn’t match the taste making the cup of noodles a little odd.

By no means am I disparaging a cup of noodles.

Without cup of noodles, I’d have gone hungry multiple times.

Cup of noodles are so convenient, so easy to make, so fast to prepare, and in my opinion, actually taste pretty good. When I come home late from work or school, the last thing I want to do is create a huge pile of dirty dishes by cooking.

I also don’t generally feel like eating out because I eat out for lunch at work every day, and plus I like being home.

So a cup of noodles saves the day, and I appreciate my simple snack.


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