‘Twas A Merry Christmas

This Christmas season was very kind to me.

I’m sure that in complete fairness, at least some coal was earned by me, but thankfully that detail happened to be overlooked.

My Christmas began on Thursday evening after spending some time with my friends in San Diego. After a couple days of barbecues, beaches, movies, and simply fun times, one of my friends, Lexi, presented my with a stocking that she had specifically stuffed for me. To most people, a stuffed stocking doesn’t really rate that high, but in my book, it is extremely appreciated. I hung my stocking on my door to be opened Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve was also a really good day for me.

My mom invited me over for lunch so I was able to see my family and spend time with them, making that the highlight of my day. I spent a couple of hours visiting with my parents and catching up with my siblings.

One of my younger brothers challenged me to a game of one-on-one basketball which I barely won – a fact he really enjoyed. My little brothers, seven and nine, told me of their latest exploits and mischievous actions, making me a proud older brother. All in all, it was a treasured few hours, especially because my parents seem to be getting older so quickly and my siblings are growing up with no hesitation.

Later on Christmas Eve, I went to be with my uncle and his family for Christmas since my family does not celebrate Christmas. It was my first Christmas on my mom’s side of the family, and it was quite enjoyable to just spend the evening with them. We cousins and relatives spent the evening talking, playing random games, and just enjoying the Christmas spirit. Thanks to my aunts, Christmas dinner was an astounding success – much to my scale’s dismay.

At midnight, we toasted to a “Merry Christmas wish for all” and then we opened our gifts.

Then this Christmas Day, after opening my remaining gifts and watching both football and basketball, I watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas for the first time and I liked it.

I really enjoy the Christmas Season with all the wonderful lights and nostalgic Christmas carols.

Minus the frenzied shopping (which can be partially fun), it’s a time when people attempt to put their best foot forward and kindly tolerate their fellow men.

For me, it is a time when I appreciate the good people in my life and try to show them that they are not a random Facebook friend or acquaintance, but a person who is part of my life and who makes life better for me because they share it with me.

Today my Facebook was flooded with many friends posting about great Christmas times, and I just want to also say, “Merry Christmas”, to all those who are a part of my life.


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