2012, “Nice to Meet You”

It is finally 2012.

It was just 2011.

It seems like just a few days ago, that I celebrated NYE 2011. I was with my friends, 2011 glasses on, celebrating with foaming champagne as 2011 rolled in.

Then this morning in San Diego, I greeted 2012.

Celebrating a new year is always fun. No matter where you go, the vibe is always exhilarating and everyone is festive, feverishly anticipating a new year and fresh start.

The countdown is always epic.

The entire place goes quiet, and then the “ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one”, roll out, then with dramatic effect and pause, “Happy New Year” reverberates through the air.

Popping champagne corks fly upward as showers of champagne rain down; music resumes playing, glasses are raised, and toasts are made, all celebrating a new year.

2012 is so intriguing, because it holds mystery and suspense.

This new year holds lots of tomorrows and weekends that will be spent working or having fun.The new year contains chances and opportunities for career development and personal improvement. I have no idea what details this new year holds in store for me. I have no idea what changes will come my way. There are a myriad of “unknowns” for this new year, but there are also some “knowns” that will counterbalance. Considering my great job and amazing friends, this new year will be really good.

2012 is also daunting.

There are goals that I have made for this year. Not nebulous ideas or general resolutions, but rather specific milestones to reach. Some are simple like budgeting better, some are admittedly scary like learning how to swim and to improve my dance skills, and some will be definitely be hard like bettering my social abilities. But I intend to focus my energies on the individual steps required to reach these goals.

Life will be awesome, because life is already great.

The past year changed me and I hope that 2012 will also change me.

The year 2011 was a memorable experience, but I intend to make 2012 absolutely unforgettable. There are places to go, people to meet, things to do, and perhaps most importantly of all, life to LIVE. It is time to take giant steps forward, calculating the risks but also having the confidence to meet them head on.

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