Visiting Coronado Beach

This past Sunday, after a successful NYE 2012, my friends took me on a grand tour of Coronado Beach.

Driving over the long bridge was rather exciting for me because I really like bridges. The bridge is pretty long and high, with suicide hotline numbers posted intermittently along its concrete railing.

Not to be forgotten was the view from the bridge. The water was dotted with sailboats while the coastline was framed with glass skyscrapers.

Parking, unexpectedly, wasn’t a challenge and we found parking a few blocks north of the Del Mar. When we got to the beach, it was picturesque. Although I wished I was able to see the lighthouse, Point Loma was clearly visible.

The beach itself was different from the boringly sand and people filled beaches you normally see.

The palm trees and ocean mix extremely well.  This beach was slightly hilly with weird green vegetation and palm trees growing sporadically and it had a quiet relaxed feel to it.

Behind the beach was the beautiful Del Mar Hotel, and my friend Lexi was a great tour guide. We walked past the ice rink, less than 50 feet from the sand, where Californians ice skated in shorts and t-shirts. What I liked most about the walkway around the hotel was all the bronze figurines, and of course, my friend Alec and I made sure to get a picture with our hero “The Grinch”.

The Del Mar Hotel is really interesting. Once inside the hotel, there is a little walkway with glass cases where old relics are stored and historical facts about the hotel are noted. In one of the cases, there is a flyer with a picture of Marilyn Monroe promoting the hotel – an old school commercial.

There is the “cage-like” elevator that even I would think twice about entering, but it hauled up the 21stcentury people with historical fanfare. The lobby ceiling was comprised of wooden square paneling that sort of soaked up the light eliminating glare and giving the place a more classy feel. Right outside the hotel is a well-manicured flower garden with all types of exotic plants and flowers –actually quite colorful.

The nearby streets are filled with classy eateries and quaint little shops. I want to visit Coronado Beach again and just amble about exploring all the interesting places. I’m hoping that the lack of frenzied beach goers that day was not a fluke, but something common.

My visit on Sunday, gave me a destination for a future random road-trip. As in the famous words of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, “I shall return” to that nearly perfect beach.


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