The $640M Jackpot

Today I bought my first lottery ticket.

As pretty much everyone knows, today the Mega Millions jackpot grew to $640M, which is simply an astronomical sum.

I have always laughed at the people who buy the scratchers and lottery tickets every time they fuel up. It’s interesting to me that someone could honestly rationalize incessantly doling out small amounts of cash for such long odds of becoming wealthy.

What’s so funny to me about people who constantly play the lottery, is that they actually think they have a chance.

That’s funny.

However, what’s laughable, is when those people daydream about their imaginary winnings.

For the past several days, I heard people ramble on and on talking about how they would spend the money, places they would visit, things they would buy, and how they would just disappear to live life in absurd luxury.

When yesterday, the jackpot officially became the largest amount of money ever offered that could be won by a single person, I became intrigued.

Still, I didn’t buy any tickets. Then this afternoon at work, one of my co-workers decided to create an office pool for the drawing this evening.

At first I laughed, then flippantly bought 10 lottery tickets – knowing that I could have simply thrown my $10 into a trash can.

I have no expectations of winning – none at all.

I consider myself to be rational and possibly cynical, but I think I understand slightly why the lottery is so popular. Although, I threw away $10 dollars today, the idea of a chance at all of winning seems to make the loss of $10 okay. I won’t buy tickets by myself, but as part of an office pool, my 0% chance multiplied greatly to…wait for it……0%.

Tonight, I’m not going to sit glued to my TV as the winning numbers are revealed.

That’s crazy.

Today’s choice had two reasons.

One was merely to cross buying a lottery ticket off my list of things I had never done.

The second reason is so that one day I can tell my children that I had played in the largest jackpot in history at that time.

I’m just trying to be a part of history, you know… don’t judge me.


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