Puppy-Sitting Maggie

“Maggie” turned my world upside-down

When I was a little boy (maybe 4 or 5), my family had a German-shepherd dog named Maggie.

She was a big dog and back then I was a really little fellow.

Every time I would run out to the backyard to play with Maggie, I would eventually end up on my back between her two front paws while she licked my ears. She never hurt me, but that was her way of liking me.

Well Maggie returned to my 22 year-old life in puppy form.

A couple friends of mine were headed off for a trip to Europe and were looking for a kennel to take care of their German-shepherd puppy. Coincidentally the puppy’s name was also Maggie.

I’ve been considering getting a dog, so I offered to puppy-sit Maggie for them. I wanted to get a trial run and taking care of a puppy, plus I love dogs.

I both over and under estimated my undertaking. I live in an apartment, so space was rather limited. I cleared out my dining table and chairs from my kitchen and put Maggie in there. She seemed to be happy with the setup and it gave her a little room, plus she could see me.

Maggie was a super calm puppy and actually quite intelligent for her few months. She would sit on command, lay down, rarely barked, and she was also pretty much house-broken. That made life quite easy for me.

One thing I definitely under estimated was Maggie’s energy level.

Part of her limitless energy came from being in my apartment while I was at work or school. Every morning at 6am, I would take her out for a morning run and 30 minutes later she would eat her breakfast while I got ready for work. Then  I would leave Fox news on for her while I was at work to keep her entertained and because I wanted Maggie to have conservative principles. When I would get home from work, she would spin in circles and wag her tail like crazy. I would take her out for another 30 minute walk, feed her, and then rush off to school.

After class is when we had fun.

Maggie would come lay at my feet while I either did my homework or watched TV. Her most funny antic was when I would play music. I offset her Fox news indoctrination with hip-hop music. She would sit in front of my speakers and sub and cock her head back and forth. It seemed like she was trying to get her rhythm going.

When she tired of TV or music, she’d walk up to me and put her paw in my hand which was her way of asking to be petted.

She was a major charmer.

When we went for our morning runs she attracted the admiring looks and comments of fellow female joggers. Unfortunately, that attention never proceeded on to me. Well, actually, some did, but Maggie was way more popular than me.

The one thing that I had to get used to was having a living creature depend on me not only to give it food and water, but also to shower it with attention and love.


I didn’t realize how used to living alone I had become. The puppy was good for me. I know now, at Maggie’s expense, that I need a yard before I get a puppy. I also know that my attention and love giving skills are a little rusty if even existent.

Now that I’ve resumed my solitary residence, it seems too quiet. There’s no puppy going crazy because she’s so excited to see me. No furry puppy licking my hand. No puppy to run along side me.

I miss Maggie.

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