A Dose of Reality

Recently, I experienced a dose of reality.

Reality is like a splash of cold water to your face early in the morning.

It feels horrible at first, but afterwards it’s almost refreshing. Doubts, ego, and self-concepts are removed just like the cold water drives away sleepiness, and you’re left with clarity and goals.

Hearing what I might not want to hear is good for me. I’m not talking about critical feedback which is to be both desired and appreciated, I am more referring to the good ol’-fashioned “no”.

Unfortunately in the adult world there are rarely the simple “no’s” with the simple reasons why. Instead what you hear is someone trying to say “no” without feeling bad for saying “no”. So instead there is the vagueness, the technical terms, and the unnecessary adjectives.

Although I was hoping for a “yes”, I would have much rather preferred a flat out “no” with the simple reasons for it.

I hate when people don’t speak their mind or mince their words to me. Of course, I understand the need to sometimes tread carefully around people’s feelings or egos, but with me I’d rather have it straight. I respect someone who will tell me the cold hard facts, and of-course I trust a straight-shooter over a flatterer.

Without knowing where there is lack, there is no way to know how to improve. Improvement only comes when the areas of shortcoming are known. I know that there is room for me to grow and become better. However, without an outside perspective it is sometimes hard for me to pinpoint those areas on myself or to determine the best way to make improvements.

But even with the run-around I received, I have moved on with a renewed determination to reach both the immediate and long-term goals I have for myself.

Life doesn’t always present me with perfect situations, but it is my responsibility to take what I receive from life and turn it into the best scenario for myself.


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