A Wall Hanging

My apartment needs a large wall hanging.

Actually, I need a wall hanging in my apartment.

Across from my TV and above my living room set, is a blank area of wall that needs to be covered. Something about having pictures or paintings hanging on the walls makes a place feel more humanized and occupied.

Right now I can’t decide between a piece of art or an actual photograph.

Paintings are classy in their own way but their downside is that they are fake and they can either feel cliche or stuffy.

On the other hand, photographs are real. And photographs are powerful. Plus I love my hobby as a “very” amateur photographer.

I guess that as I’m writing this all out, it has helped me decide that the wall hanging will be a photograph.

I’ve not been dedicated in my search to find the photograph, but when I see the photograph, I will know.

Then my bare wall will be covered and I will be content.

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