My “Sister”

My “sister” Melissa

I have a sister. She’s my big sister.

We are not related by blood or family ties, but she is my sister.

True, my big sister didn’t grow up with me, but she probably knows me better than my actual older sister knows me.

We didn’t meet until I was 19, but over the past three years she has proven to be one of my closest friends and has become like family to me.

When I entered the confusing and wild world after leaving my sheltered upbringing, she took it upon herself to befriend me and to look out for me. I had no clue what to expect, but she made sure to teach me how to survive and avoid trouble.

The longer she’s been my friend, the more I’ve learned to trust and appreciate her.

She was the one who taught me the little I know about dancing, she gave me the pointers for my first date, and she has helped me learn how to deal with a variety of situations.

There have been lots of fun times.

She introduced me to her circle of friends and through her I now have some great friends.

During a weekend camping trip in Big Bear, I realized how much she did for me. It was my 21st birthday weekend and of course we celebrated. Several people we didn’t really know stopped by for the day, and over the course of the evening an older girl started getting “interesting”. Much to my relief, the next thing I knew, my “sister” was there, hands on my shoulders, making sure that the other girl knew her place and limits. That unexpected scene still makes us both laugh today.

I’ve been scolded by her too.

My speeding ticket earned me a little conversation, and when I bungee-jumped several months ago, she was both impressed and upset with my recklessness.

When I am considering decisions that will heavily impact my life, I talk to her because I know she will be both supportive and truthful. So I bounce my ideas and concerns off of her.

Because she knows me, she somehow helps me figure out what it is that I want and has no trouble telling me straight up what she thinks. I respect her for her truthfulness.

Of course, I’d like to think that somehow our friendship has benefited her, but I think that I am quite indebted to her.

Since there is little contact with my actual family, I have learned to rely on my “sister” and one other friend as I navigate life.

People who will actually go out of their way to help you are rare, so I am lucky to have her as both my friend and “sister”.


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