Anticipating Vacation

Tonight is a good night.

My alarm clock will ring at 6am tomorrow morning, but it will be promptly turned off.

Then I fully intend to roll over and enjoy at least another hour of sleep.

I won’t head to the office tomorrow morning. My work cell-phone will be on but muted. I will selectively screen missed calls, voice-mails, and emails whenever I feel like it.

I have not lost my job. I have not gone mad.

I am going on vacation.

The next several days are best described by my out of the office reply for my email. It says, “I will be out of the office beginning May 31st and returning June 5th. If your email is urgent, please contact (my boss)”. The next few days are going to be great and right now I am feeling fantastic.

I am just anticipating.

Honestly, I have no grand or amazing plans for my several days of vacation. I just plan to unwind from the busyness at work, try to stop thinking about everything I need to do, and just relax. My brain needs a break. I am mentally tired, not physically exhausted.

So my plans are pretty much to visit family in Arizona and attend a little remembrance ceremony for my great-grandma. For many of the relatives that I will spend time with this weekend, it will be our first time meeting. I am a bit excited to meet these people and from all appearances it will be a good weekend.

The long road-trip was originally going to be solo-navigated by me, but luckily my cousins are now riding with me which should be fun. It’s our little adventure as “grown-ups” as we now get to drive out and visit family on our own sans parents.

I’m not sure that my boss realizes how happy I am to finally squeeze a few vacation days out of my busy year, but he did mention that he would end up “Google-ing” me to track me down and get me to help him. In one way it’s a good feeling to be needed or to be a vital part of a team, but at the same time I am really trying to find my work and life balance.

Over the past couple of years, my life has only really consisted of work and school, so I am hoping that my vacation time will give me a little balance and perspective before returning to immerse myself in work and summer school.

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