Grandma’s Cooking

Spending time with my grandma

My grandma can cook.

Every time that I visit my grandparents, my grandma feeds me. And she feeds me extremely well.

Just this evening, she threw together a quick Mexican dinner for me. There was re-fried beans, Spanish rice, ground beef medley, and sauteed vegetables.

It was really good, and of course my grandma told me that she had added “love” to it.

Due to my bachelor lifestyle, my eating habits are varied and rarely home-cooked.

Breakfast generally consists of coffee and Oreos eaten at my desk at work. Depending on how the office kitchen is stocked, I will add a granola bar, muffin, or banana to my menu.

Lunch is the main meal of my day. Usually, a couple of my friends and I go out and grab an assortment of fast-food, Chinese, Hawaiian BBQ, or pizza. Every once in a while, we will head off to an outdoor Mexican restaurant where we kick back and enjoy a sit-down meal.

Dinner for me is practically non-existent. As soon as I leave work, I head directly to school where I spend my entire evening. Once I get home, it’s after 9pm so I either don’t eat at all or eat a cup-of-noodles or some mac-and-cheese.

So when my grandma cooks for me, life is perfect.

It’s a miniature buffet. A main dish, sides, and dessert. It’s also a balanced meal with items form all parts of the food pyramid.

She somehow knows what I like and how I like it.

She simply spoils me.


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