Parker River Float

This past weekend was spent with my friends at the 2012 Parker River Float.

It was fun and I like road trips…especially with friends.

We left right after work on Friday and piled into my friend’s Honda Pilot.

The trip into Parker somehow took us about 6 hours, and we filled the time with sarcastic banter, funny stories, music, and of course Facebook. There were a couple stops to fuel up where we somehow made cleaning the windshield a project, and then a second stop for food.

Upon arriving in Parker, we hurried out of the muggy heat into the slightly less muggy hotel rooms.

By no means, were we staying in a five star resort. Hotels had filled up so fast that we were extremely fortunate to get two rooms in the local Motel 6. It felt like we were visiting another country in that hotel, but that just somehow just added to our trip’s adventure.

We got up fairly early Saturday, and after grabbing breakfast at Subway, we drove to the push off pier. There we inflated our three rafts for the six of us. One raft held four people, the other raft carried two, and the third raft carried our ice chest packed with beverages.

The sun was hot.

The water was cold.

The wind was refreshing.

The day was perfect.

A better day for the float couldn’t have been planned. Everyone was in great spirits, the weather was perfect, and we were having fun. To top the interesting items off, I had the children’s song from my piano-playing days stuck in my head….”Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily. Merrily. Merrily. Life is but a dream”. And that is exactly what we did in our rafts. We floated merrily on the water for almost eight hours, relaxing, tanning, and contentedly sipping our drinks.

We slept for at least 12 hours that night and in the morning we woke up rocking amazing tans (sunburns).

With a little exploration and luck, we found a little breakfast place called Juicy’s Cafe where we stuffed ourselves. The food was really good, but for some odd reason the orange juice didn’t match the food’s standards which was a little weird.

In summary, time spent with friends is awesome.

We generally turn everything we do into a little adventure whether it’s a simple barbecue or a road trip.

I guess I’m a little lucky and I like it.


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