I Love My Little Sister

Taby and I at our sister’s wedding
I have three sisters, and the youngest one is Tabitha.

To me she’s Taby, and she’s my favorite sister.

She is also the only sibling that I’ve told “I love you” to. I don’t really know why she’s special to me, I just know that she is.

Growing up, we always got along, enjoyed doing things together – even the mutually hated task of washing dishes. No matter what we did, it was always fun.

She is sarcastic like me, and we enjoy teasing each other. She has a wonderful personality, quiet, resolute, and kind. She also is a tomboy in the most lady-like way.

Now I hardly ever get to see her, but when I get the rare opportunity to talk to her on the phone, there is never an awkward pause or moment. It’s like I’ve been living at home the past four years and we are still going to school together every morning.

Yesterday, I learned that Taby has been diagnosed with a medical problem.

My mom had called me Friday at work to tell me that they were taking her to see the doctor for some problems she had been experiencing recently. This past Sunday mom called me with news from the doctor.

After my mom explained my sister’s problem to me, Taby asked to talk to me.

The first thing Taby asked was, “Do you still like me?”

To which I replied, “I like you more than ever”.

She laughed, and the we talked for a couple of minutes. She tried to explain to me what happens and what she thinks about it.

Then the line just went silent.

I knew what had happened before my mom picked up the phone and told me.

During our brief conversation, Taby had told me that one of the effects of her problem is sometimes being unable to verbally respond. She can hear what people are saying to her but she cannot reply. With that in mind, I asked my mom to put the phone to Taby’s ear.

I said, “Taby, this is Elijah. I know you can hear me, but you don’t have to say anything. I want you to know that I love you and that you are still my favorite sister. If you ever need or want anything, just call me. I don’t care what it is. If you want chocolate or anything else, just call. I love you Taby”.

I meant every word I said. I don’t usually express any soft or emotional feelings and my voice was steady as I spoke to Taby. But inside, I was scared. Scared of the idea that my sister was sick and I was powerless to help or assist in any way. Scared that a person I love would have something wrong with them.

Ever since leaving home at 18, and choosing my own way at 19, I have always missed my family.

The separation has been processed by me because as long as I know they are healthy and happy, that makes the whole thing a bit better for me. But the realization that something would affect the health or happiness of my little sister drove me crazy.

Yesterday evening, my mom called again with some better news.

Apparently, Taby’s problem is temporary and is easily cured with proper rest, a good diet, and some basic treatment.

That was an amazing relief.

But all I really know is that if there is anything I can do to make my sister better, more comfortable, or happier, I will do it.

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