Underestimate Me

I don’t mind being underestimated. I actually prefer that you underestimate me.


Because that gives me a chance to exceed your expectations which hopefully makes you happy. I suppose that means that I like making people happy.

When it involves my job, it’s amusing to me when people are surprised by me. I work for a general contractor and handle multimillion dollar construction projects. People just assume that the guys in charge of running these projects are old professionals in the trade.

Then they meet me. The quiet 22 year-old who drives a Honda Accord.

And they are surprised. First by my age. Then by my responsibilities. Then by my work.

But I’m getting off topic.

I try to underestimate people too.


Because then I am happy.

I am well aware that my perspective is odd – to say it kindly. Cynical is probably the more accurate way of describing it. But if I’m cynical and happy, then that seems to be a fair trade-off for me.

Nearly everything in life has the potential to disappoint – especially people, and I don’t particularly enjoy being disappointed.

So why allow myself to be disappointed when all I need to do is never assume people are angels? By simply not assuming awesomeness, greatness, brilliance, kindness, or humaneness from most of the surrounding population, I am always happy with those who break or even crack the mold.

This perspective on life doesn’t cause me to dislike people or view the world with disdain. Instead, I appreciate the surprises.

Personally, I like the challenge of showing you that not everyone is who you expect them to be. Not everyone fits a certain mold or stereotype. Everyone can be a surprise. It just makes life more interesting and enjoyable.

So if it will make you happy too, underestimate me.


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