Let me think.

I like quiet – both as a verb and as a noun. Quiet lets me think easily.

The lack of sound is appealing to me. My TV is off. My sound system is silent.

Since I have the privilege of living sans roommates, this evening my entire house is practically silent. The only thing I can hear right now is a cricket somewhere in my backyard.

I like that I can make my house more quiet than a library.

Obviously, that doesn’t take much effort, especially since I don’t often engage in conversation with myself. My house rarely hears from me, a promising sign of my continuing sanity.

Tonight I’m having trouble writing, due to the fact that my mind is rather preoccupied on one thing – my sick little sister.

Usually, my head is like a freeway interchange with ideas and thoughts flying all over the place. Tumbling, crashing, and bouncing around. But right now, my head feels sort of empty.

I actually started 3 posts before somehow ending up with this. I know when I re-read this blog post in the morning, I will be disappointed in the result of my mind’s efforts tonight.


There’s no brilliant thought or exciting idea that spawned this post.

It’s merely an observation of some mundane facts on a quiet evening.

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