The Race

I have a race on Friday.

Unfortunately it’s not a race where I will reach exhilarating speeds in an exotic car. That bucket list item is still to come.

I’m going to run a 40-yard dash.

About a month ago at work, my friend who works in estimating challenged me to a race. I’m confident in my running abilities – possibly a little too confident. I sometimes forget that my high-school feats were at least 4 years ago, and that those past 4 years have been spent “working” in an office.

I accepted the challenge, not taking the whole idea very seriously. Then another co-worker overheard our conversation, and now the race is a big deal. The entire company knows about this race, and there’s money on the outcome as well.  In the office, there is now a friendly rivalry with supporters for Team Elijah or Team Jimmy.

Visually comparing me and my friend, you would simply assume that I’m faster.

Proportionally, my legs are rather long (which is ironic because I’m not that tall). In height, I have at least 3 inches on my friend, and I weigh about 30 lbs. less than him. However, let me clarify an extremely important factor. He is an avid soccer player. I haven’t ran in nearly 6 months.

Mr. Opponent has been coming into work and telling me how seriously he’s training, how he’s majorly improving his time, and how he’s dropping weight. I just encouragingly smile at him and then tell him how much I appreciate him going through all that trouble to race me.

My sarcasm hides a small fear.

As the race day has approached, I have had a small nagging thought in the back of my head that Friday may reduce my pride to a smoking pile of ashes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to run like the devil – pardon the expression. I will give those 120 ft. my better than best efforts.

Luckily for the loser of this race, Monday is a holiday. I know that in the slight chance that my legs fail me, I will appreciate the extra day to lick my wounds and attempt to regain some pride.

Obviously, I have no intention of ever mentioning the race again should I lose.

So if you never read about the race again after this blog post, I lost.

But never fear, expect a glowing and raving review of my amazing athletic skills if Friday is kind to me.


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