Football Is Back

Tonight, NFL football is back. I breathe a sigh of relief and contentment.

Ever since the NBA season ended, I have been missing my normal dosage of sports.

The Olympics provided a much-needed albeit temporary relief from my withdrawals, but I wasn’t that interested in javelin-throwing or equestrian-dressage (you know watching a horse move around from memory).

By no means am I a crazed sports fan, and it is possible that I am not an ideal fan. I don’t scream at my TV. I cannot name all of the players on my favorite teams’ rosters. I don’t have a lucky jersey. I don’t have any sports logos on my car or on my bedroom walls.

But I love sports.

I should clarify that I love football and basketball, enjoy hockey and baseball, and can now endure an entire soccer game. The San Diego Chargers are my favorite NFL team while USC is my favorite college team. The LA Lakers are my favorite basketball team, the Anaheim Ducks are my hockey team, the Angels are my baseball team, and I’ll watch the US soccer teams.

I’ve been to the Staples Center and Qualcomm Stadium, but even there, surrounded by thousands of screaming fans, I am not any different from when I watch the games from my couch. Maybe I’m not wildly cheering because I’m introverted. Maybe I’m not ecstatically screaming because I haven’t had enough to drink. I think it’s a combination of both.

Football season is really fun.

My friends and I will randomly get together, grill, and watch the games.

Luckily for the teams playing, my friends are enthusiastic fans. Wearing their faded (and lucky jerseys), they scream in encouragement at every catch and run. When our team scores a touchdown, my friends leap to their feet screaming with joy. By the same token, an interception or fumble is greeted with screaming as well – only this time with peppered profanity.

While watching these games, I sit happy – enjoying both the game and my friends’ interactions with the non-responsive TV.


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