A Beach Day

A day at Point Loma

Yesterday was a spontaneously fun day.

After leaving work Friday afternoon, I threw some clothes and board shorts into my car and headed down to San Diego.

There were never any formal plans for my weekend in San Diego, just hanging out with my friends.

Turns out my luck had me going down to San Diego during one its hottest weekends.

To top it off, this past weekend was when the air-conditioning at my friends’ house only worked when it felt like it, leaving us nowhere to hide from the heat.

But there was the beach.

A place where the water would definitely offset the heat. So the four of us piled into the car and headed toward Point Loma.

We had two stops on the way. In-N-Out was the priority because all of us were hungry, and then Sport’s Chalet because we wanted to try out an inflatable pool raft at the beach.

At Sport’s Chalet, my friend Anna picked out a 2-person raft, and then we were on our way with Anna and I huffing and puffing into the raft. Luckily our choice of beach was not crowded, and the water temperature was near perfect. Alec had his surf board, Miss Alex decided to tan, so Anna and I tried out the raft.

The raft ride was exhilarating – especially for me because I was sans flotation device and can’t swim. We walked out a couple hundred yards before the water was deep enough to use the raft, and somehow we ended up in the surf. It was epic. We caught the waves at either their crest or right when they broke.

Perhaps the best part of the raft float was when a huge wave ejected Anna from raft. After another huge wave nearly capsized us, we realized that we might have gotten into more than our little raft could handle, and we attempted to head back towards shore. It took some creative paddling (Anna kicking and me flailing my arms) to eventually land us back on the sand.

Our unplanned attempt to escape the heat resulted in a major success. It was such a fun day. We had our drinks, the beach was relaxing, the raft was a blast, but the best part was my awesome friends.


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