Fast-Forwarding Through Life

“It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live”.

That’s a quote I ran across yesterday, and based on a brief Google search it apparently comes from Harry Potter. But whatever its origin, that quote falls in line with my latest mental road trip.

I’ve always been extremely ambitious and competitive, perhaps even too much.

But recently I am learning that ambition and goals mean nothing if I simply don’t take advantage of the present. Oh yes, 5 years from now this, and 10 years from now that, but all those grand ideas will never be realized if I don’t do my best right now where I am.

I’m sometimes afraid that if I’m not careful, I will allow my life to play out like Adam Sandler’s movie Click. A life where I attempt to hurry through the ordinary or difficult parts of life and instead focus all my energy on achievements or milestones.

I wasn’t born to wealthy or important parents. I didn’t attend a fancy prep school. I don’t attend an Ivy League school. But I am alive. I graduated high school. And I’m currently attending a junior college.

I am not ashamed of my life. Why? Because these are all steps on my road. This is my road, and I will make it work for me.

I have a lot of good things going for me especially with relation to my friends and my job. I don’t intend to live life with regrets – wishing I had tried a different career, attended a different college, or worked for a different company. My life can be more fulfilling if I would learn to appreciate the uniqueness of every day.

And I know how to do this.

It’s simple, and it’s pretty much what I do every day. The only difference is that I want to do it even better. There is so much room for improvement in nearly everything I do. I can do my job much better, by taking more time to pull the details apart, learn things that are not required, and just doing my best on the menial tasks.

It’s about taking every single (ordinary) day and living it extraordinarily. I don’t mean making a grand splash, living fast, or partying hard. I don’t need to change my lifestyle or my daily tasks. It simply means setting my standards higher for myself in whatever I do.


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