Talking to Google

One of those California mornings

It’s been another interesting day.

When I tried to sign into my blog this morning, I found out that my Google domain had expired.

A couple years ago, I bought my name as a domain. You never know, I might end up being the POTUS and then I would need my name for my presidential library.

Well apparently my domain’s registration had expired. I could sign into my blog, but Google had taken it offline. On top of that, any Google links to my blog ended up on a web hosting site offering my domain for purchase.

Not cool.

I spent the next hour trying to figure out how to renew my domain registration and get my blog back online.

There were two major problems with renewing my domain. The first problem was the  that I had purchased my domain with an expired card.

The second problem was my domain had been setup with an old Gmail address.

So I had to fill out a domain verification form, send it to Google, and wait for them to verify that I actually owned my domain. As of now, my domain registration has been renewed and my blog is back online.

Emails have gone back and forth between me and Google’s technical team trying to figure out how to help me regain access my domain. The links to reset my account information were being sent to my old deleted Gmail account which obviously doesn’t help me any.

Then my phone rings with Google on the other end.

That was rather odd.

I’ve always naively considered Google a cold machine who spits out data. But the technician was really personable and cool. Because my security is of great concern to Google, my case have been passed up the totem pole to a “specialized technical team” with proper security clearances. Hopefully that team can get me back in control of my domain.

I didn’t expect Google to respond so quickly to my help request, much less call me to figure out what was going on. So I tip my (non-existent) hat to the Google team who has been helpful so far.

The most critical issue to me has been resolved, because Google returned my domain to me. My future presidential library is safe, and my blog is back online.


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