Hoping for a Happy Halloween

I’m currently sitting in the dark fearing the sound of my doorbell.

My porch light is off, and I’m trying to not let any light spill out my front windows.

It’s not because I hate Halloween or candy or costumes or kids.

No, I really like candy.

I’m just quite certain that I would dislike my house getting egged or tee-peed.

Bottom line, I forgot to buy candy. And now I can only hope for a happy Halloween.

First off, I forgot that my current residence is in a housing tract and there are a myriad of kids in all these houses.

Secondly, work has been so busy I have had little time to think of anything else. So of course I never thought about buying candy for all the little costumed night-walkers in my neighborhood.

I was working late this evening when it suddenly clicked that my porch light was on and there was no one and no candy at my house. So I dashed out of the office and raced home. Before even closing the garage door, I ran inside and turned off my porch light.

With my house halfway hidden in the dark, I’m hoping that my doorbell will remain silent.

Tonight, there is no “trick or treat” option for me. Without the treats, I only have the dismal prospect of tricks should any kids have their childhood traumatized by learning that I am candy-less.

I do feel a little bad for not having candy, but I rationalize my forgetfulness (selfishness) by thinking of the potential cavities avoided.

Maybe next year I’ll remember to buy candy…but I have my doubts.


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