It Was A Great Vacation

I just got back from a great vacation.

Most of the month of November has been filled with moving out of the house I was leasing, working my way through pre-approval to buy my own place, going to school, and putting in 50-hr weeks at work. The past several weeks have just been a blur of craziness.

But this past weekend was a blast. It slowed my world down for a few days, allowed me to relax, and gave me the chance to have fun with friends. In summary, this weekend made me happy.

The past 4-days were spent in Tempe, AZ. The trip was for 3 reasons. Number 1, it was my friend’s 21st birthday. Number 2, my friend’s mom was doing the Ironman. Number 3, I needed a vacation. So everything coincided perfectly.

We checked into our nice hotel Friday afternoon and after a shower, headed out to Teharu Sushi where we had reservations. The combination of a classy restaurant and a conveyor belt of never-ending sushi is pretty hard to beat. By the end of our dinner, we managed to build a stack of almost 50 empty sushi plates. From there, we headed back to the hotel bar where we celebrated my friend’s birthday at midnight.

Saturday morning, we headed out to the Ironman epicenter. We made signs to cheer on his mom, while she checked in her bike and gear. From there we walked downtown to Caffe Boa for a brunch and bottomless memosas. Again, that brunch was probably the best I ever had, and our table kept the waiter busy with his champagne and orange juice.

After brunch, we again visited the hotel bar and watched the USC vs. UCLA football game. That was followed by a jacuzzi session and then a nap. Dinner that night was at Searsucker. It was a fancy restaurant that had Bentleys and other exotic cars parked out front. Luckily, my friend knew the owner who made sure to make our dinner memorable. We were brought all sorts of appetizers, and at the end of the night, we were brought a variety of drinks and shots to celebrate my friend’s birthday.

Sunday was the Ironman.

Since the each part of the event was so long, our plan was to cheer his mom on at each transition or lap. So we got there as she finished her swim and began her bike ride. Then we found a spot along the bike route where we got to see her as she finished her last lap and headed for her run. The run was when we got to see her the most. There were several loops and we were able to meet her and cheer her on at multiple areas. As she entered the home stretch Sunday night, we hurried to the finish line and stood cheering in the stands as she finished and became an Ironman. Her finish and a celebration meal of beer and pizza culminated a great weekend.

Now I work for two days and then enjoy another 4-day weekend. I could get used to this.


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