House Hunting

In all sarcasm, I have recently experienced my “mid-life crisis”.

Since 20, I had lived in my own place. First there was the 1-bedroom apartment near UCR, and then earlier this year I leased a house in Lake Elsinore. But the owner put the house up for sale, and when I decided not to match the highest offer on the house, it was sold in November.

So I did what any respectable man does when he loses his house. I downsized my expectations and rented a room from my friend. It’s quite the difference to go from having an entire house to having your own bedroom and roommates. Such is my fate, and I must bear it – temporarily.

But my luck turned this past Monday evening with some really good news. The news came in the form of an email from my real estate agent letting me know that I had received pre-approval to buy my own place.

I was stoked.

In one way, I felt so grown-up. You know, because only adults buy houses, and here I was at the threshold of adulthood. I had crossed the first and probably most important hurdle to having my own place.

During the past couple of days, I have quickly realized that my real estate adventure has only begun. I’ve probably looked at a hundred listings and so far all the nicer houses or condos are pending sales.

But I am not deterred. Instead, I am happy and feel so lucky.

I’m happy because I get to go buy my own place without approval from a  “Mrs. Estrada” (sarcasm intended). Really though, I’m glad I get to buy all on my own. And I am quite lucky to have the privilege to be in a place where I can do so.

It is a bright future to think that soon I’ll be roommate…less.


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