A Therapy Session

“When should I breakup?”.

What a great question. Now go ahead and ask all your random college classmates.

This evening, it was all too apparent that one guy thought our political history class was his therapy session.

A few minutes before class started, the guy asked one of the girls sitting next to him whether the best time to breakup with his girlfriend of 3-years was before or after the holidays.

The girl’s response was that he should breakup before the holidays, but he didn’t like that idea. Why? He really wanted to make sure he endured the relationship long enough to get his Christmas present from her.

The conversation soon became a class discussion with an overload of personal details and of course relationship advice from all the 20-year olds. Where was the annoying Dr. Phil when an idiot needed him?

“How much had she spent on his present? $200. Yes, you should definitely break up after Christmas. But then you have to buy her a comparable gift. I don’t want to spend money on her. Then you should breakup before Christmas. But I still want my gift. Yeah man, you’re screwed.”

People can be cruelly creative.

Some of the suggestions bordered on absolute stupidity, while others were downright horrible. I have no intention of repeating some of the wild suggestions he was given, but they were all on how to get his gift, then make the girl mad or jealous enough to dump him. I have no clue what type of person his girlfriend is, but after hearing some of the advice, I almost felt sorry for her.

It was odd and awkward to have a history class turn into a reality show around you. It’s unfortunate that people enjoy drama so much. But perhaps, I am just missing out on all the fun.


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