End of A Semester

Tonight is a good night.

I just got home after taking my finals at the prestigious Riverside City College.

One of my friend’s messaged me this morning telling me to “kick that final’s butt”. And a butt was kicked tonight. But I’ll have to wait until next week to see if the kicked butt was mine or the final’s.

The end of a semester is a great feeling, but for me it’s not the fabulous break most people have or imagine. For me, a break from school means that now I have to chance to spend my evenings at work instead of in class. So the next few months will be tons and tons of work.

Weirdly enough, I’m looking forward to the 50+ hour work weeks. The company just purchased an incredibly expensive project management software, and I’m eager to figure it out. In my selfish little world, I want to be the best at this new software. So I will endure silent evenings (minus my gangster rap) at the office to get there.

And so with school ended for the year, I am happy. The remaining few weeks of 2012 will be great. There will be Christmas bonuses, Christmas with family, and then New Year with friends.


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