Too Many Twelves

Way too many 12’s

There was a lot of hype around today’s date of 12/12/12.

Mainly because it’s the last time in most people’s lifetime that I’ll see the same number for a month, day, and year. So that just made today a little odd.

If I had given it much thought, it might have put today in perspective.

At work, I signed a couple contracts and noticed the cool numbers as I dated my signatures. But other than that, I didn’t give the numerical phenomenon much thought.

A couple of my friends and I went out to grab lunch today, and it was a little after noon (obviously) when I grabbed the screenshot you see on the left.

My friend was ready to pay when he noticed the time on his iPhone, so being the socially savvy youngsters that we are, that photograph was instantly uploaded to Instagram along with all the other exact same screen shots.

But trust me, we still felt pretty cool because we had personally captured such an amazing moment in history. You know, one of those faded pictures you will eventually show off to your great-grand-children.


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