A Life Lesson

It’s hard to watch the news tonight.

This evening on CNN, Anderson Cooper’s show has concentrated on the children who lost their lives in the Newtown tragedy.

I’ll confess that I am rather indifferent to most of today’s news. But this news segment has affected me. It’s hard to comprehend the evil that can steal the lives of innocent little children.

As I watched and listened to the stories told of these children, I can only imagine the pain and devastation felt by their parents and siblings. I don’t have a child of my own, but I know that life for me would never be the same if I were to lose a child to senseless violence.

The tragedy has caused me to reevaluate the importance I place on my family and friends.

When I see the pictures of these children smiling and enjoying life, I think of my younger siblings and all the good times we have had. When I read the statements given by their grieving families, I think of all the times I could have been a better brother.

Although I don’t see my family often, tragedy has not visited my family. And I can only hope that it never does. There is still time for me to speak my often unsaid kind words, to dirty my clothes playing with my little brothers, and to open my tight wallet and treat my sisters.

But most of all, there is still the opportunity for me to actually show others that I love them. Although feelings and words come hard for me, what is a small discomfort when it involves showing my appreciation for my family or friends?

At the end of the day, my life has value based on my positive impact on others. The achievement of my lofty goals is great, but I am most happy when I can help others.


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