Christmas Shopping

It’s starting to finally feel like Christmas.

How can I tell?

Because time is running out for me to get my shopping done.

There is less than a week left till Christmas, and I still have a lot of gifts to buy. Right now, I am not even halfway done with my shopping. Of courseI like to think that I’m self-motivated and not a procrastinator, but then Christmas season rolls along and my brief illusion fades.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy Christmas shopping. Weirdly enough, I do. But with one condition. I want to know what I’m going to buy. And I want to pick the right gift for each person. However, I simply lack the creative skills to buy a great gift.

The actual shopping experience is pretty cool for me. I like to think that what I end up buying for each person will make them happy. I’d like to see faces light up and hear laughs as my friends or family open a present that is uniquely tailored for them.

But unfortunately, I am not that good. So I will be sure to sarcastically remind my friends that “it’s the thought that counts” as I hand them their gift.

So I delay and delay, and instead of shopping tonight, I sit here writing.

A brilliant choice – I know.


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