A Great Christmas

It has been a great Christmas.

No, it wasn’t due to gifts or even the food from the two days with my uncle and cousins. It was all because I was able to spend an hour this evening with my family.

When I rang the doorbell, my dad and siblings happily greeted me. The next few minutes were spent catching up on life.

Then my little brothers hurriedly stood next to me all in the hopes that they had grown taller than me since I last saw them. And once again, I smugly dashed their hopes. But my smugness is fleeting because probably the next time I see them, they will have passed me up.

The highlight of the evening was when my chattering 2year-old nephew Stephanus ran up to me. As he reached up to hug me he called out “uncle Wyjah”. I didn’t expect him to recognize me much less even like me since I’ve only seen him like 4 or 5 times since he was born.

After hugging me, he showed me how he could stand on his head and then laughed at me when I tried to copy him. My sister told me that he loves drawing trucks, so I made him several truck drawings while he sat beside me. When I gave him the drawings, he looked at me then reached up and patted my face making my night.

No matter how much things have changed for me the past 3 years, I am certain of one thing – that my family means a lot to me. As I sat around the table with my dad and siblings playing Pictionary, it was deja vu.

The hour flew by so fast, and then came the hard part of bidding everyone good-bye not knowing when I’ll have the chance to see them again.

But those 60 minutes with my family made my Christmas great, and I am happy.


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