(Another) Happy New Year

It’s 2013.

As soon as midnight hit, a champagne toast marked the beginning of what I hope will be a fantastic year.

My reception of a New Year was laid back but fun. Instead of heading to San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, as originally planned, I spent last night with some good friends in a chill setting.

I don’t have a list of new resolutions that I intend to keep this year. Instead, my only goal is to work toward the goals I set last July, last August, last November….I think you get the point.

What I do hope is that some of my previously set goals will be reached this year.

The past couple of years, I’ve been intending to have a legitimate vacation. Not a 4-day weekend, or merely a week off from work.  Instead I’m in the planning stage for a 2 or 3-week vacation trip to Europe. As my plans become more cemented, I’ll know which countries I want to see, what landmarks to visit, and what fun things I want to do. At my age, I’m lucky to have a job that provides vacation time and affords me the luxury of travel. So why not take advantage before I get too old?

And since I am getting older, this year seems like a great time to purchase a house. All through December, my real estate agent and I filtered through countless houses and condos trying to find a place that I liked and that fit in my budget. It’s been quite the search. I find a place I like, submit my offer, and then find out that I didn’t get the place. All that you can really do is keep your hopes low and keep looking.

Since Fortune has provided me with amazing friends, one of their “unspoken” goals for me this year is to set me up. They have the best of intentions, and I do appreciate their efforts; but I don’t think finding a girlfriend should exactly be a goal. Plus, I am in no rush. Life is simple and good just like it is. I don’t doubt that my life could be better, but why rush instead of enjoying life as it is now? Those are my unfiltered thoughts on a girlfriend right now. Will that perspective change in 2013? Probably.

If you made it down to this paragraph, kudos to you. I’m sleepy. It’s getting late, and I return to work tomorrow, so this blog post is rather rambling and most likely my thoughts are rather scattered. But with the (hopefully) future opportunities to see my family, great friends, and good health, life in 2013 holds abundant promise.

Happy New Year.


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