The First Weekend

I doubt I will ever forget this weekend.

And that is because of two reasons.

Friday was an absolutely horrible day.

It was a day that I saw a fellow human being probably escape death but with injuries. Due to the circumstances surrounding the incident, that is really all I can say on the matter; but it was hard to watch someone I know having to be rescued and rushed to a trauma center. As I spoke on the phone with emergency services, all I could do was watch and ensure that basic first aid protocols were followed while waiting for the first responders.

I got home around 5pm, mentally and physically exhausted. A raging headache combined with the sights and sounds from the morning had put me into some sort of stupor. I was angry with the events of the morning and yet confused as to the reasons for my anger. I suppose I hated the fact that someone I knew was hurt.

And so Friday was infamously imprinted on my mind.

Then came Saturday evening – which brightened my world.

An awesome friend, a bottle of wine, pool, and the realization that we remembered next to nothing of astronomy all created an amazing evening. Both of us lacked electrifying pool skills, but I was unabashedly confident in my ability to beat her. And I did – in the first game. Our (her) wildly creative bets on the outcome of our games made me even more determined to win. That was my downfall in our second game because I decided to gamble with a difficult shot.

The result?

I watched in disbelief as the 8-ball rolled ever so slowly into the pocket.

Her amusement and sarcasm knew no boundaries.

However, I deserved both, and after some hesitation, I owned up to her girlish bet. During some point in the evening, she had mentioned how she liked finding the Big Dipper. So when my bet had been paid, we walked outside to locate the constellation. As soon as we looked skyward, we both realized how much we had forgotten from our high school days. But we still tried, and that was the fun.

Sunday has rolled lazily by, and I am just sitting and remembering my weekend.

The events on Friday helped me to appreciate even more the good times that Saturday brought, and I don’t want to soon forget this weekend.

I know this sounds odd, but I think that this past Friday will help me have more great Saturdays.


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