I’ve Been On A Roll…

I’ve been on an uncommonly good roll this week – please knock on wood.

Now don’t let that last sentence dim your idea of my brilliance, and don’t let the last few words of that sentence make you doubt my potential.

But the last few days have just been incredibly great. My only fear (and it’s a tiny fear) is that my boss will get used to my results; and in all honesty, I have set the bar pretty high for myself.

Most people think that Mondays are horrible, but my Monday was good – really good. I strolled up to my desk, invigorated by my coffee, and got to work. By lunchtime, after running a bunch of number and scenarios, I had figured out how to make a crap-load of money on one of my construction projects. Then I went off and enjoyed a steak lunch courtesy of one my vendors. One of these days (hopefully soon), I’ll be able to directly profit from my cost-savings, but for now I am content to make the company money.

Tuesday was another great day. I’ve been dealing with a huge issue on one of my projects, and on Friday the company president had talked to me about accepting the latest analysis from our consultant. But come Tuesday morning, I had a conference call with the consultant, and after 3-hours of somewhat frustrating explanations and conversations, the consultant decided to include my idea in his analysis. After lunch, I received a call back stating that our revised offer would now be 6x the previous offer.

And then came Wednesday. I was almost scared to go to work today, because it just seemed that something would happen to jinx my impressive streak. But no. Another telephone call, and with a little more adjustment, the offer went up to 7x the offer I was advised to accept. Needless to say, my boss and the president were quite ecstatic. I now have the responsibility to take this new offer and see it all the way through the negotiations. I am excited.

I could get used to this, and I know my boss could as well.

What I would like to do, is keep my momentum going and turn it into a promotion later this year.

That would make 2013 awesome.


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