Europe or College?

I have a bit of a dilemma.

An incredible opportunity to vacation in Europe for 3-weeks has come up, but it will mean missing 3-weeks of classes.

My dilemma is whether to trade my spring semester for a 3-week vacation. It’s actually a tough call for me.

I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, and I have 3-weeks of paid vacation burning a hole in my pocket. Perhaps the most compelling reason for me to go now is that my friends will be in Europe as part of their study-abroad program. My three friends will be studying in Marburg, Germany from February to July, and due to way things have worked out, I will have a place to stay my entire time there. With Austria, Belgium, France, Italy a mere train ride away, we have some amazing plans.

But of course college would have to throw a wrench in my plans. Right now I can book my flight in April/May for around $1K, but if I wait until classes have ended in June then the ticket price nearly doubles. The spring semester plan was to take a class in math, chemistry, and computer information. However, it’s rather unrealistic to miss three consecutive weeks of class and still get my A’s and B’s.

So I’m thinking of trading the spring semester for an opportunistic vacation to Europe. I’m young, and can afford the trip. I’m also young enough where a missed semester won’t kill me. It’ll put me a semester behind, but I think the option to spend time traveling in Europe with my friends is too good an opportunity to pass up.

Of course, what I should probably do is just pay the extra money to go after my semester ends. It seems like an unnecessary waste of my hard-earned money though. I just don’t know. And I should probably sleep over it.

Time will tell whether my choice was spectacular or stupid.


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