A Weekend with My Grandparents

My grandma is awesome

It’s nice and sunny here in Avondale, Arizona, but apparently the California I left a couple days ago just had some exotic snow.

On the drive out here, I hit the rain and then the super cool snow, and this California boy was ecstatic to have the opportunity to drive in the snow.

I’ve been here since Friday evening spending the weekend with my grandparents, and it is relaxing. It has been great to sleep an entire night without thinking about work. The best part though is to just hang out with my grandma and grandpa.

My grandpa is full of interesting stories and quips, and never seems to tire of telling me about his interesting discoveries. We’ll talk about the latest happenings while reading the newspaper and drinking coffee. On the other hand, my grandma just tells me how happy she is to see me, and I’ll sit down and watch her favorite TV shows or read the Enquirer with her.

My grandparents’ house is just an entirely change of pace for me. It’s laid back, quiet, and full of great memories. There’s the huge Mitsubishi TV, the row of birdhouses on the ledge, the old photo albums (showing a much cuter me), and the flowery furniture my grandma loves.

 This was my last free weekend before life gets busy, and I just enjoyed the chance to spend time with people I love.

 College starts tomorrow. My company is sending me to 10-months of project management training starting Friday. So it’s about to become extremely hectic. But I’m excited. Of course I’m hoping that there are pretty girls in my college classes, and I’m really looking forward to the project management classes because that will brighten my career future.

 It’s been a good weekend, and my grandparents are awesome.


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