And the Craziness Begins

Today was the beginning of the end. And not only because today was a Monday.

My normal life is about to disappear into the chaos of college, work, and training.

This particular Monday marked the end of free time, TV, internet surfing, book reading, and all the other stress-relieving activities that help me keep a loose grip on my sanity. Now when I say “marked the end”, I mean that these are activities that will no longer fit into my allotted 24-hr time limits. Yet, it is quite likely that homework time and probably even sleeping time will be traded for those luxuries. Not to enjoy the luxuries, but to keep my sanity – of course.

Today was the first day of my college spring semester. I thought I had all my three classes figured out, but of course I was in for a surprise. Monday and Wednesdays were supposed to be my chemistry class in the afternoon and then lab for 3-hours on Monday nights. Tuesday and Thursday mornings are my computer information classs, and in the evenings I have my math class.

I should preface this rant post by saying that I can’t really complain. My boss has been super cool with me. He’s allowed me to flex my work schedule around my classes, and, even with my reduced hours, he pays me like I’m on salary. On top of that, the company picks up the tab for any college expenses not covered by my grants.

But back to my crazy life. So today I arrived early to my wait-listed chemistry class hoping to get an add code. The first thing the professor did was put up a notice on the projector that simply stated, “If you are not enlisted, please leave class immediately. Go to lab, and try to get an add code from the lab instructor”. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.

Okay, so off I went to the lab. The lab instructor was a bit nicer, but told us the exact same thing. However, there is a loophole which I intend to exploit. The professor will let me crash the course all semester, and then I can try to pass the department’s diagnostic test which will allow me to test out of the class. I won’t get my units, but I’ll be able to move on.

It’s going to be crazy, but in a weird way, I like crazy. The long nights and the homework I definitely detest. But I look forward to my math tutoring sessions (because of Ms. Tutor) and meeting my new classmates.

It’s going to be a long, but hopefully fun, semester.


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