Valentine’s Day Is Confusing

It’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s a rather confusing time for me.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to do. I’m single. I’m busy and probably have poor romantic skills – which are likely reasons for why I’m single. But that’s a whole other topic.

Fortunately for me, there’s the Internet with all the answers. My morning visit to MSN’s homepage helped me figure out what I’m supposed to do today. There was a survey which listed all the options for today’s activities. 

  1. Go out for a romantic night on the town – Won’t work. I’ll be in class till 9:30 tonight 
  2. Snuggle up to someone special at home – Not a viable option considering my single-hood 
  3. Kick back with my single pals – I have work and class 
  4. A fun family night – Again, I’m single and don’t have any kids 
  5. I don’t plan on celebrating – Bingo! Someone read my mind (also the most popular answer)

Anyways, the only conscious holiday related decision I made this morning was to not wear any red. Now before you start thinking that a guy shouldn’t have any red clothing or accessories, let me explain that I have a really nice red polo shirt and a red Angels wristband. The red Angels wristband is worn occasionally and only to passively-aggressively annoy any Dodger fans I know or may run into. It’s fun. And yes, I know that makes me weird.

Mrs. Professor began class this morning with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” and I merely looked around as a couple students heartily responded with a “Happy Valentine’s Day to you too”. I think the whole Valentine’s Day thing got to my professor’s head, because she responded to questions with a “yes, baby” or “yes, darling”. It wasn’t awkward or flirty; it was actually rather humorous because she is old enough to be my grandma – well provided there were a couple teenage moms.

After class, I headed into the office and found a most remarkable phenomenon on my desk. It was a non-romantic (which I appreciated) candy gift with a couple hearts. The office manager here always celebrates each holiday and goes out of her way to make sure that I feel remembered. It’s very thoughtful of her, and I made sure to smilingly thank her.

So far, several single girls I know have contacted me to wish me a Happy Valentine’s, and I think the proper gentlemanly response was to wish them the same. And that’s where I left it. I’m sure my friend’s girlfriend will be sure to scold me for not pursuing a date, but like I said, I have class tonight.

I’m quite happy for all my non-single friends, but also equally as important, I am happy for myself. Today is a good day, when thoughtful people sympathize for me and give me candy to help me cope with being single.

If only people gave me sour Skittles, I’d consider being perpetually single.


2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Is Confusing

  1. Nice post!If you were close to me even though I am probably old enough to be your mother I would give you candy too. Mostly because I believe everybody should have some kind of sweets on Valentine's day.

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