I’ve Booked My Vacation

It’s official.

I’m actually going on a legitimate 23-day vacation, which is coolly ironic since I’m 23.

Last night I booked my flight to Europe, and needless to say I am rather ecstatic. I am a little quite proud of myself. At the beginning of the year I had made the goal to go, and now I am going.

At first, college seemed to interfere with my lofty plans. I wasn’t sure whether to go during my spring semester when flights were cheaper, or to go afterward so I didn’t miss any classes. I chose the latter. It cost me quite a bit more, but I think it was a fair trade. Since my company is paying for my college education, the least I can do is get good grades which requires near perfect attendance.

Then I had to figure out how to mesh this vacation around my job. I’ve accumulated enough paid-vacation time to cover my adventure, so that’s a huge help. But I’ll be on vacation with my work phone off. My boss lets me run my construction projects practically on my own, while he periodically checks the overall progress and profitability. Now he’ll have to take over my gritty responsibilities for the month of June.

At first my boss simply told me I couldn’t take that much time off, but then I most pleasantly reminded him of all my dedication and his yearly vacation trips so he relented. Now he’s actually giving me tips and great places to see based on his European travels.

I’ll be staying with several friends who are already in Germany doing their study-abroad program. They might not know this yet, but they are going to make my vacation awesome. What’s better than spending a month with friends while exploring the European continent? Not much. For the most part, we all want to see the same landmarks and touristy destinations. Not only that, but I’m also banking on them knowing decent German to help with any communications.

I’ll be flying into Frankfurt and then take the train into Marburg where my friends are staying. The preliminary plan is to visit France, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Austria, Italy etc. – pretty much any place decently accessible by train. Being in Europe will be a dream come true and the chance to cross items off my bucket list.

Something about the anticipation of vacation makes me feel like a little boy again. It’s a rare feeling but it’s great. This will be the first extended period of time where I can put my adult life of work and college to the side, and go have fun.

Let the countdown begin.

P.S. To all my friends: Yes, you can crawl into my suitcase.


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